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Otter Lake Huntsville is Located approximately 10 minutes Southeast of Huntsville, Ontario. It is a quiet, private and relatively small lake which sits atop one of the highest elevations in the area. Otter Lake is a diverse ecosystem embodied by wetlands, springs, diverse shorelines, forested areas and an involved lake residency. This small lake located in central/northern Ontario is a sensitive ecosystem due to it's lack of external flow and slow turnover rate. Otter Lake is predominantly spring fed and semi-stagnant which creates a sensitive and fragile ecosystem. Recognition of the importance and fragiligy of this ecosystem by the residents has led to the creation of the Otter Lake Association-Huntsville (OLA). It is the goal of the OLA and it's residence to help promote and preserve the ecological importance of Otter Lake through education and interaction. This organization has also been formed to deal with external environmental issues which may arise in the developing future. It is the role of the OLA to become involved with issues which may directly or indirectly affect the sensitive eocsystem of this watershed. A common, collective voice has the power to educate, preserve and change.

Please navigate this website to learn more about Otter Lake, it's residence and Lake Ecosystem Preservation. Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback and comments.