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Water Quality, Otter Lake

District of Muskoka Water Quality Testing and Results for Otter Lake.

2007 Water Quality Data Released
The data collected by the District Municipality of Muskoka through its Lake System Health Monitoring Program has been released and is available to the public through the Muskoka Water Web and the District Municipality of Muskoka website.

This summer, Muskoka monitored

81 sites on 66 lakes throughout Muskoka for base chemical parameters including phosphorus, Secchi depth, dissolved oxygen and temperature;
9 Over Threshold lakes for shoreline land use information;
22 sites on 20 lakes for benthic communities in association with lake associations; and
1 terrestrial plot for forest health, lichen diversity, and sapling regeneration.
The Year End Report contains details about the 2007 Lake System Health Monitoring Program and general information about the data collected in 2007. The 2007 Data Report contains the specific data collected in 2007 as well as updated Lake Data Sheets for the 81 sites monitored. Both reports are available for download from the District of Muskoka's website.

Visit the Muskoka Water Web on our "LINKS" Page for updated Lake Data Sheets, Aquatic Invertebrate Monitoring Sheets, and Shoreline Survey Maps.